Gacha Club – Collect & Customize Waifus on This Free PC Game

Gacha Club is a whole lot of game – even if it doesn’t appear to be at first glance. But don’t be fooled by its simplistic art style because there are tons of things you can do in Gach Club. It would be best to clarify that this is the official sequel to Gacha Life and was initially released with the “2” moniker, but Lunime decided to rebrand the game as “Gacha Club”.

It does carry a lot of the gameplay mechanics from the first game as well as the popular mini-games Gacha Resort and Gacha World. The elements give Gacha Club a story-driven premise and Role-playing Game elements that give more depth to the overall gameplay. There are tons more things that you will discover in this sequel compared to anything else Lunime has developed, but it’s good to see that they are sticking with what they are good at.

Best of all, you can now experience the game as well on PC for free! This is a dedicated game fan site that allows you to install the game for free on PC and get to play the game on a bigger screen and with more intuitive controls. The client download is quick and easy, so click on the Download button now!