New Game Features You Need to Know About Gacha Club

Gacha games that incorporate RPG and MMO gameplay are quite difficult to play and learn, especially if it’s your first time in the genre. You have to learn the skills of each character, know their basic combinations, upgrade their skills, and participate in many quests and missions. Basically, there’s a lot to think of when you play such games. However, for this anime character-based game, you will find it easy to navigate— even if you are a beginner.

Gacha Club plays more like a simulation game and Gacha action game in one. If you don’t like fighting battles, you can simply create unique characters and create stories about them. But if you are looking for action and challenging scenarios, you can also go on battle mode in the game’s story campaign. Below are some of the things that you can expect from Gacha Club:

Choose From Preset Gacha Characters

To start with, you have to set-up your character first. This is the part where you get to customize the physical features of your character, clothes, and more. If you are not up to the task, you can choose a preset character instead. Some of these preset characters are created by the developers themselves, but some are also created by other Gacha players. Gacha Club’s customization feature is quite extensive. You can literally change almost everything about your character.

On the character customization page, the first option would be the Presets. We are not kidding when we say that the options are extensive. Preset Characters are divided into 40 different Clubs, some containing more than a hundred Preset Characters. There are over a thousand characters that are premade and ready to play right off the bat.

Customize Characters From Head to Toe

If you have enough time to create your very own Gacha Club character, then be prepared for the game’s wide options for customization. You can start with your character’s body. On the Body page, you can choose your character icon, height, head size, head angle, hands, and even the shadow. You can also choose how you want your character to pose, and there are over 600 poses you can choose from!

On the Head page, you can choose your character’s hair color, length, and style. You can also customize everything about the eyes, such as pupils and eyebrows. Aside from that, you can pick your desired nose shape, mouth, chin, and more! You can even add a little blush for your characters. There are also Preset looks to choose from, and each shows a different type of emotion.

Now, let’s head over to the Clothes. Here, you can choose whether your character wears a hat, earrings, glasses, and other accessories. You can also choose different clothing items such as shirts, jackets, tops or blouses, and bottoms such as skirts, pants, socks, and shoes. And if you are feeling extra, you can even let your character don capes, tails, gloves, or even wings and some other accessories for the wrist, knees, and shoulders.

Add Props, Pets, Rides & More

Aside from merely creating the look and style of your characters, you can also add accessories, pets, and other customizations. On the Others page, you can choose some props and effects which would provide a kind of aura to your character. You can also add random objects for your skits from this page.

A great feature that Lunime added to Gacha Club is the addition of pets! You can choose and style your pet on the Others page as well. There are over 200 types of animals to choose from, and you can customize and dress them up as well!

Another new feature that is added to Gacha Club is the addition of Mounts. These are things that can be mounted or rode upon by your characters! They range from beasts and simple types of transportation such as Skates, Hoverboards, and more. Your characters can opt to pose with their Mount for a more unique look.

Once you are all set up and satisfied with your character’s look and style, you can set the profile or persona of your character. You can name them, give them a birthday and age, indicate an occupation, etc. You are not just limited to creating just one character in Gacha Club. All in all, you can customize up to 10 main characters and 90 extra characters in this game!

Battle Against Monsters in Story Mode

Once you’re done setting up your characters, you need to get Diamonds to Gacha a unit or pet. And you can get these by entering the training mode. This mode will help you increase your XP, and then increase your level. In this mode, you get to join a party and fight various monsters and bosses. Take note, you can only gain XPs and Diamonds if you win training battles. If you’re defeated, you get none.

You can battle it out in the Main Story, Elemental Towers, Shadow of Corruption (SoC), and again, in Training Mode. When you have completed the Main Story campaign, you can already unlock the Main Story Chapter 2: Shadow of Corruption. You can obtain unique characters from SoC by battling them. In this chapter, there are about 6 Elemetal Towers for you to conquer. Each tower has 10 levels to fight waves of enemies on, and you have to make sure that you can withstand each wave!

Enjoy Mini-Games & Earn Rewards

Another way for you to level up and get Diamonds or Bytes (a special coin to get a rare battle item) is to play mini-games. Four fun mini-games are available in Gacha Club and these are Lemo & Yumi Dance, Mascot Whack, Usagi vs. Neko, and Memory Watch.

Lemo & Yumi is some type of memory game where players have to repeat the symbols that were shown to them. On the other hand, Mascot Whack is a whack-a-mole type of game where players have to hit targets that pop up from holes and avoid hitting Ducks in the process.

Usagi vs. Neko is an action type of game where players journey through a world and hit Lemo Bots in the process. Lastly, Memory Match is another type of memory game where players need to match identical cards that are shown for a limited amount of time.

In each game, you get to choose the level of difficulty and the rewards would vary depending on the level of difficulty. Playing in hard mode will get you more rewards, of course. To earn more Diamonds and Bytes, you just have to play as many mini-games as you can until you earn enough to unlock a new unit or purchase an item. You can also use these units to upgrade your skills in battle.

Mini-games are not just for grinding or earning Diamonds and Bytes. You can also use them to chill and relax. Fighting battles and facing monsters all day is quite exhausting, even for your Gacha character. Chilling out with a mini-game is a great way to pass the time and even earn some rewards on the side as well! You can also play these mini-games with your favorite NPCs.

Explore Studio Mode & Other Features

Since Gacha Club has more exciting features to offer, you can try exploring them. One feature is the Studio Mode, where you get to create different scenes involving your characters and pets. You can choose to just go straight into Studio Mode without ever battling in Gacha Club’s story campaign mode.

Getting into Studio Mode requires no Gems or Diamonds. It does not have to be unlocked too. Once you’re in Studio Mode, feel free to explore other options such as changing the background, adding 10 characters, setting up scenes, and giving them dialogues. You can add pets and random objects to your scenes as well.

Furthermore, you can add a narrator for story-telling style scenes and dialogues for pets too. You can save up to 15 scenes at a time and since this mode is one way for you to create a mini-movie, go ahead and think of a story that you want your characters to act out. Record these Gacha stories, and share it with your friends and the rest of the community!

Enjoy Gacha Club on PC

As you can see, Gacha Club gives a whole new spin on Lunime’s Gacha RPGs. This new game offers a lot of ways to have fun. Whether you’re battling out monsters, creating mini-movies, or dressing up your characters, the fun possibilities of the game are endless. Pets, Mounts, props, and other accessories also breathe new life into the game. So download now and join the club!

To enjoy the full Gacha experience, why not try playing the game on PC? Playing Gacha Club on desktop gives you a better view of the customization options you get for each character. Aside from that, you have more freedom and flexibility to place your characters in certain scenes on Studio Mode! With the mouse and keyboard as your controls, it’s a whole lot easier to customize and control your characters.

If you need more guides, tips, and tricks for Gacha Club, you can head on to our knowledge base. It is a free resource for all things about Gacha Club, and you can browse around the site for other information and gameplay guides!