How To Play Gacha Club on PC

Games with anime-like characters like RPG and MMO are quite difficult to play, especially if it’s your first time. You have to learn the skills of each character, know their basic combinations, etc. Basically, there’s a lot to think of when you play these games. However, for this anime character-based game, you will find it easy— even if you are a beginner. So, without further ado, here is a basic guide on how to play Gacha Club PC.

Gacha Club Game Desktop Play


Step 1: Customize Your Character in Gacha Club

To start with, you have to set-up your character first. This is the part where you get to customize the physical features of your character, clothes, and more. If you are not up to the task, you can choose a preset character instead. Some of these preset characters are created by the developers themselves, but some are also created by other Gacha players.

You can also set the profile of each character. You can name them, give them a birthday and age, indicate an occupation, etc. All in all, you can customize up to 10 main characters and 90 extra characters in this game.

Step 2: Battle Against Monsters

Once you’re done setting up your characters, you need to get diamonds and golds to Gacha a unit or pet. And you can get those by entering the training mode. This mode will help you increase your XP, and then increase your level. In this mode, you get to join a party and fight various monsters and bosses. Take note, you can only gain XPs and diamonds if you win training battles. If you’re defeated, you get none.

Step 3: Play Gacha Club Mini-Games

Another way for you to get diamonds or bytes (a special coin to get a rare battle item), and then level up, is to play mini-games. For now, there are four mini-games to be played. In each game, you get to choose the difficulty. And for each difficulty, there will be a corresponding reward. To earn more diamonds and bytes, you just have to play mini-games on repeat until you get exactly what you’re aiming for to purchase an item or enhance your skills for battle.

Step 4: Explore Other Features

Since this game has more exciting features to offer, you can try exploring them. One feature is the Studio mode, where you get to create different scenes from your characters and pets. Now, if you opt to use the Studio mode first before getting into battle, you can do so.

Getting into Studio mode requires no gems or diamonds. It does not have to be unlocked too. Once you’re in Studio mode, feel free to explore other options such as changing the background, adding the characters you want in one scene, adding a narrator, and more. Since this mode is one way for you to create a mini-movie, go ahead and think of a story that you want your characters to act out, record them, and share it with your friends.

Step 5: Go With the Storyline’s Flow

Even if it’s a casual and fun RPG, Gacha Club has a unique storyline that you can follow. It currently has two chapters, but it would take a while before you can finish each stage. After each stage, you earn gold, EXP, and other items that you can use to enhance your Gacha characters. You also achieve better rewards the further you progress. The idle-game feature of Gacha Club lets you battle automatically and repeat a particular stage as many times as you wish. Consequently, it makes your team grow stronger.

Step 6: Sustaining a Strong & Balanced Team in Gacha Club

There are over 180 characters in Gacha Club that you can collect. Surely, you can create a unique and brave team in no time. At the start of the game, you will be given characters with decent abilities ranging from single target to AoE attacks. But as you continue to progress, you will be able to unlock more heroes with better strategies. Thus, these strategies can cater to your preferences.

In Gacha Club, it is crucial to create a team that can fulfill their responsibilities. This is because it can help you as you take on various challenges in the game’s story.

Step 7: Don’t Forget About Your Pets

Other RPGs are more complicated compared to Gacha Club. Here, you don’t need to do a lot of updating and enhancements to create a powerful hero. The fun and creative part of Gacha Club is where you get to dress up your characters. Thus, this game is perfect for kids of all ages.

Aside from the heroes you get to unlock, you can also own a pet. There are 150 pets you can collect and bring to battle. You get to organize your party, which consists of 7 heroes. Moreover, you can get ten pets that can aid you in your battle. Each of these pets boosts a specific stat, so choose your pet wisely!

Step 8: Make Smart Choices When Enhancing Your Heroes

Enhancing your heroes by taking them on battles keeps them strong and not fall behind when they encounter difficult stages. But aside from combat, you can also strengthen your heroes by looking at the resources needed. You will know if your hero can already be enhanced when a hero’s enhanced option is blinking. Consume fairies to give your hero EXP with gacha gold, which you can earn by playing the mini-games and the main story.

Step 9: Explore Other Battle Modes

The main story should be your priority in Gacha Club, but you can also learn a lot from other modes. The training mode is where you can gather resources and enhancement materials needed for your heroes. On the other hand, the Elemental Towers mode and Shadows of Corruption are battle modes that can give you rewards.

As you can see, this game gives you a lot of options to have fun. Whether you’re battling out monsters, creating mini-movies, or dressing up your characters, the fun possibilities of the game are endless!