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3 Game Features That You Will Not Experience in Gacha Club

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In June 2020, Gacha Club was finally released to the public. Days after its release, a lot of Gacha fans have been expressing their interest in the game and despite a few setbacks, most of the responses were positive. With that, it’s safe to say that the new game is living up to the hype.

Despite the new, fun features of the game, there are some prominent features from previous Gacha games that were not carried over for some reason. And most of these features were quite popular among avid players. Below are some of these features:

In-Game Chat

In-game chats and role-playing are two fun features present in Gacha Life and Gachaverse. With these features, players can interact with other players across the globe. Players can even role-play with each other too, using their customized avatars. These two features make the gameplay more interactive.

However, due to the toxicity of some players, this may be the reason why Lunime decided to not include this feature in Gacha Club. The role-playing feature was also excluded, possibly due to previous reports of sexual harassment and other complaints from the community.

Skit Maker

The skit maker is also not available in the new game. Unlike in Gacha Life where you can combine all the scenes on the skit maker so you can simply screen record it, you now need to screenshot scene after scene in Gacha Club. Then once you have all your screenshots, you can combine and edit them on a video editor.

Image Source: Skit Maker Tutorial


Player vs. Player Leagues

Although you can battle monsters and bosses in Gacha Club’s Battle Mode, you cannot battle against another gacha player just like in Gacha World. This is probably because, in Gacha Club, PvP interactions like in-game chat and role-playing are not available anymore. However, despite the absence of this feature, Battle Mode is still fun to play.

There are still other prominent features in other Gacha games that were not found in Gacha Club. Although Lunime hasn’t announced if these features will be added soon or not, the newly released game is nevertheless great.