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Gacha Club – Does It Cost Money?

Gacha Club is a free-to-play game and on top of that, it is also a gacha game. For those who don’t know what a gacha game is, it’s a game category that leans heavily on randomization. In the strictest sense, a gacha is actually a vending machine that you can drop a coin and get a toy. Usually, the toys were placed in plastic egg-shaped containers, but some gacha games have evolved into more digital interactive arcade machines. Obviously, the toy you would receive is completely random because you don’t have the option to pick what you get – unlike the infamous claw machines, which are still more miss than hit.

gacha club battle gameplay

So if we take that principle and turn it into a video game, you can imagine what a gacha game is. It uses the same principle of the arcade vending machines but instead of physical toys or other goodies, you get a chance to get something in-game. Usually this random prize draw is specifically for characters, but a lot of other gacha games also include random items and even power-ups in the draw.

Loot Box Gambling?

Of course, this randomness will invoke memories of some infamous loot box implementations in triple-A games. These were met with massive outcry and controversy, and in some cases, even resulted in a few lawsuits in some regions. Because of the negativity associated with heavy reliance on randomness, it’s pretty obvious that a lot of new players would rather avoid the whole gacha game category.

Admittedly, that is a valid concern because the majority of these games do fall into those difficult to bear implementations that seem like they are punishing you the longer you play. Because unlike physical gacha arcade machines, the digital version has much more drastically low chances in getting certain items – and especially characters. Some games will actually have less than 0.1% chances, which is obviously very frustrating to most players.

Gacha Club – A Godsend

Considering the gacha aspect of the game that is very obviously part of the game – after all, it is literally part of the game title. Being worried about the randomness and loot box drama is valid. On top of that, free-to-play titles have a bad stigma of being pay-to-win, meaning they tend to create steep gameplay mechanics the longer you play in order to force you into paying for in-game advancement.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Because even though Gacha Club is heavily reliant on the gacha game luck of the draw mechanic, it doesn’t force you into a corner and ask you to pay up. In fact, the developers are proud to even stipulate directly in their game description that Gacha Club does not have in-app purchases – the bane of free-to-play gaming!

Yup, that’s true! Gacha Club is random and uses gacha mechanics, but the game boasts 100% free customization and does not require players to make purchases in order to get characters. This is clearly a godsend in a market that is saturated with poorly implemented randomization mechanics and loot box drama.