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Gacha Club: Is It Safe for Kids to Play?

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In 2019, one of Lunime’s dress-up games, Gacha Life, has been involved in a controversy due to some inappropriate elements found in the game. Among these are found in the mini-movies uploaded by GachaTubers on YouTube where the themes include suicide, bullying, and even sexual innuendos. It was even said to be related to the Elsagate phenomenon.

As a result, a lot of parents have been posting on app parental review websites that Gacha Life is not safe for kids. Some are even setting up signature campaigns online to ban inappropriate Gacha Life mini-movies on YouTube as they are afraid that kids might get exposed to these topics. Parents are trying their best to find ways not to let their child play the game since it has become very toxic.

Now, since Gacha Club is released, and is coming from the same developer who made Gacha Life, do you think the game is safe for kids to play? Here are two things that tell us that this new game is relatively safer than its predecessor:

No More Player to Player Interaction

One of the reasons why Gacha Life is toxic is because of the community. Some players bring up inappropriate subjects in the game, and they are corrupting the minds of other players—mostly kids.

In fact, the inappropriate content came from GachaTubers (players who create scenes and mini-stories using Studio Mode), and not from the developers themselves. Aside from that, tons of players also harass other players through in-game chat that was available in Gacha Life.

In Gacha Club, since there is no more player to player interaction, other players can’t have the opportunity to strike any conversation with other players. Furthermore, any privacy issues and concerns are already eliminated, since such interactions are not available anymore.

Changes in Poses & Character Features

Some players say that in Gacha Life, some features are inappropriate for children. This includes animated poses, hand signs, and skin-colored clothing. But here in Gacha Club, Lunime did make sure that they are removing all the elements that will give a hint of indecency to players.

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So, is Gacha Club safe for kids? Yes. But the problem here lies on other platforms like YouTube, where some Gachatubers are still releasing inappropriate videos. Since Gacha Club retained a Studio Mode feature, there is still a possibility that other players will create inappropriate scenes and narrations using it. And so far, Lunime is not successful in policing these kinds of content.

So given this dilemma, parents should still be careful when their kids try to explore Gacha scenes and mini-stories on YouTube. The game itself, however, is safe for kids.