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Gacha Club: All You Need to Know About the Latest Updates

Lunime recently dropped a couple of content updates for their highly downloaded game Gacha Club. For those new to the title, Gacha Club is one of the biggest dress-up multiplayer games in the free-to-play market. It’s one of the most-followed games by millions of fans across the globe. One of its main selling points is the massive collection of anime-based customization items that range from physical to material aesthetics. In addition, it has a solid social element that allows for easy and seamless communication between players.

On top of those exciting features are the exciting battle mechanics and the continuous support that the game gets from its developer. With that said, let’s take a quick look at the contents of the latest version updates of the game

Gacha Club Battle


Gacha Club Patch Notes

Currently, Lunime released two versions of the game: versions 1.1.0 and 1.0.7. Let’s break down what’s in store for you with these latest game versions.

Version 1.1.0

  • There’s an additional 1,900 New Preset Characters from the previous contest.

Version 1.0.7

  • The Max Account Level is now increased from 200 to 500.
  • Players can now awaken the Units 10 times more for max level 200.
  • The amount of Gold needed to enhance & awaken units is reduced.
  • There’s a new button added to Enhance units with +20 materials with one click.
  • The DJ element damage has now increased from x1.0 to x1.2
  • The Shadow element damage has now increased from x1.1 to x1.3
  • There’s a slight increase in all HP & ATK of all units.
  • The new Shadow bosses and battle bugs are fixed. XP display bugs are also fixed
  • The defense is also fixed.

If you’ve noticed, most of the new updates are dedicated to the game’s battle feature. For those who are new to the game, there are four battle modes in Gacha Club. The first is Story Mode, which is the main campaign. Next is the Training Mode, which is for honing your battle skills. The third one is the Tower Mode, which involves multiple elemental-based battles. Lastly, the Shadows of Corruption events, which feature challenging boss battles. You can also check out more information on how to play the game.

Gacha Club Characters

Image from Lunime


Patch Notes Overview

Version 1.0.7 features improvements in the game’s battle mechanics. For example, the shadow damage ability got a slight buff from 1.1 to 1.3, which may not be that relevant, but a 0.2 increase will make a difference once you are playing the game. Another improvement that is worth noting is that the HP and ATK of all units get an increase. This means that aside from the various ability buffs, characters are now tougher and can inflict more damage to the enemy.

The best part about this update is that the enemies in the game remain unchanged. This means that if you are having difficulty with some of the bosses or common enemies before, the latest version will provide you with an edge.

After version 1.0.7, Lunime released another content drop, which was the update version 1.0.0. There isn’t much to see in the latest update, except for the addition of 1,900 preset characters from previous events. This means that if you missed some characters before, make sure to check them out and get ahold of those characters now.

Now that you have the details for the latest update version of the game, it’s time for you to download the full version of Gacha Club play it for free on your PC. Don’t forget to share this awesome game with your friends for a more fun and exciting experience.