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Gacha Club vs. Gacha Life 2 – How Different Are They?

Back in May 2019, Lunime posted an announcement on their official Twitter page that they are developing a Gacha Life sequel titled, Gacha Life 2. And this official announcement came as a result of the increasing popularity of Gacha Life among the gaming community—especially through the mini-movies created and uploaded online. Also, Lunime added that the second version of the game will be released in the same year.

Days after the announcement, a lot of Gacha Life fans have been excited about the upcoming version. Even YouTubers reacted to the announcement and came up with their theories on what to expect about the upcoming game. Since Gacha Life has hit the heart of many fans, they were certainly expecting more from the sequel.

Special Announcement

However, months after the mentioned post was released, Lunime announced again on their official Twitter page that instead of releasing Gacha Life 2, it will be merged into a new game called Gacha Club. They added that this one will be a bigger game as it is a combination of all the other previous Gacha games. Lunime also added that the game will be released in early 2020. However, it was pushed back to the middle of 2020, since its official release came in June 2020.

Image Source: LunimeGames Twitter


Confusion with Names

Even months after the Gacha Club announcement was released, a lot of fans were still confused if Gacha Club is the sequel of Gacha Life. So to break the confusion, let’s be clear that Gacha Club is not Gacha Life 2. Gacha Club is an entirely different game but with similar features from all the previous gacha games, but with new and improved features.

Gacha Life vs. Gacha Club

One might think that Gacha Life and Gacha Club are totally different games now because the latter is confirmed to be not essentially a sequel to the former. However, they do share similar gameplay features—so it still feels like a sort of sequel.
First of all, Gacha Life features creating and dressing up of characters. In Gacha Club, you also get to experience these—and with more clothing items, accessories, and customizations for that matter.

Another difference is that the Gacha Club gameplay is enhanced and simplified than Gacha Life. In the new game’s Studio Mode, you get to add 10 characters in one scene, add pets, objects, and a narrator for better story-telling. While in the latter’s Studio Mode, you can only add 8 characters in one scene. Plus, creating a mini-movie is also difficult compared to the new game.

>However, a main feature introduced in Gacha Club that was not available in Gacha Life—or other Gacha games, is the Battle Mode. This is entirely a new feature, and it does offer a more exciting avenue for avid Gacha fans and players.