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Gacha Club: Free Anime Dress Up Game – Get a Free PC Download

Are you ready to satisfy your Gacha craving? Are you interested in playing a game where you get to dress up and customize your characters, create mini-movies, and play battles? Well, there’s no other game that fits these features other than Gacha Club, which you can play on PC now.

Gacha Club is an all-new game from Lunime. Released on June 29, 2020, a lot of players have been waiting for this game’s release as it was expected to be the pinnacle among the many Gacha games developed by Lunime. That said, fans from every previous Gacha game can get a taste of everything in this new installment.

Gacha Club features many similarities with the previous Gacha games, but there are also extensions and new features incorporated in the game. In other words, there will be more options introduced such as new clothing items, new accessories, new battle modes, and more. So come and see what to expect in this new Gacha game!

Exciting Clubs to Join

One thing that you’ll love about this new game is that you can join different clubs. This is a feature that previous Gacha games didn’t have. Clubs are where you get to determine which character preset you want to have. And each club has its own theme.

So far, there are 40 club presets. Among these are Club Bubble Tea, Club Danger, and Club Kawaii. Once you have chosen a club, you will see a list of preset characters to choose from.

Aside from determining character presets from clubs, you can also import presets from GachaTubers. Just choose Club GachaTubers to check out some of their Gacha presets. As of this writing, there are more than 50 character presets from various GachaTubers that you can choose from. Among these include LenTotally, 707, and Rylie-Nicole.

Wider Character Customizations

In this new Gacha game, you can personalize your characters and dress them up, similar to what you’ve been doing in Gacha Life. But the difference is, you can now experience more customizable options!

Gacha Club’s new features offer new depth in customizing your character’s features. Having a wide range of customization options, players get to personalize every little detail of their character’s appearance. From the shape and color of the head, eyes, nose, mouth, skin color, funky hairstyles, and so much more. Of course, you can also choose different styles of clothes, accessories, and even weapons!

When customizing the characters in Gacha Club, you get to choose the clothing or garments that you like, whichever it may be. You may start with socks, change the upper and lower color of the sleeves, and change the outline colors of the characters. Given that the color palette now is wider compared to the previous Gacha games, you now have more freedom to tweak and customize your character

Play Anime Dress-Up

When it comes to character anime dress up, there are more accessories and more clothes to choose from. Aside from new clothing and dresses, you can now mix multiple accessories for your cute characters in this game. What’s more, you can even choose the color for each clothing item too. And the best part? All of the clothing items, hairstyles, and accessories are free! No in-game purchases required.

Similar to Gacha Life, you can change the facial expressions and the hand gestures of the characters in the Gacha Club casual game. But what’s different in this new game is that you have more options to choose from. There are now over 600 different poses for your characters and 11 hand gestures that were added in this version.

When you are done with all the customization and happy with what you came up with, you can now take photos of your characters in Gacha Club’s very own studio. You may take shots in various scenic backgrounds with the option of text bubbles for a more comic-art style. You can even share these snaps with friends and family!

More Story-Telling Freedom

Many players would love to create different scenes in the Studio Mode of previous Gacha games. And lucky for you, the Studio Mode is still available in Gacha Club. But here’s the thing—your creativity will be pushed further as you are given more freedom and more choices.

In Gacha Club, you are allowed to put a maximum of 10 characters on screen. Now that’s a lot, considering that you can only put up to 8 characters in the previous Gacha games. With at least 10 characters on the scene, you can finally create livelier conversations and more complicated group dialogues.

Another feature that you will love is that you get to create up to 15 scenes in the game. Plus, you can even insert a narrator for your story-telling scenes. With this, say goodbye to the old text box narration, and give more life into your story-telling! Lunime obviously grants their players with more creative freedom and more story-telling possibilities to explore with these new studio features.

New Battle Modes

Another fun feature that you can explore in this game is the battle modes. Now, you may have experienced this feature in the previous Lunime Gacha games. But this time, there are more exciting features that you should try.

The combat style featured in Gacha Club is quite simple with its turn-based mechanic. Your characters are represented by their avatars and each character in the match may attack one another in each turn. Each character uses MP to power up their special abilities. However, both players will draw their MP from the same pool.

There are four battle modes in the new game: Story Mode, Training Mode, Shadows of Corruption, and Tower Mode. Each mode comes with certain fun features to try, such as battling with monsters in Story Mode, and training or enhancing each character in Training Mode.

Whenever you win a battle, you will earn golds or diamonds and increase HP level. If you have enough gold and diamonds, you can use that to Gacha over 180 units for battle or Gacha for pets to increase your stats. You can also use it to purchase materials, which will help increase skill levels and awaken your character.

New Pet Interactions & Customization

This feature would excite animal lovers. You can now create a virtual version of your furry friends, or any pet that you may like as the customization is very extensive. You can recreate your beloved Cat, Dog, or create a quirky virtual character of your own! Your imagination is the only limit. Pets can be played as a new addition to the NPC class, and you can interact with them as well!

Aside from that, you can include your pets on snaps and stories in Studio Mode! That means you can pose with them or include them in your stories and dialogues. Of course, pets can help you during battles! Each pet also carries an element (neutral, water, fire, corrupted, light, dark, and cosmic) which can deal extra damage against enemies.

Mount on Various Rides

Aside from the addition of customizable pets, you can now mount on various rides in Gacha Club! You can choose from hoverboard to bicycles, or even animals or creatures that are available in the game. This new feature adds more life and style that players will surely love experiencing.

Fun Mini-Games to Play

Gacha Club features new mini-games that grant every player with gems and special coins, known as Bytes. Bytes are used to obtain rare Battle Units, and these are only acquired from winning in mini-games. That said, players can choose between four unique mini-games—Memory Match, Lemo & Yuni Dance, Usagi vs. Lemo, and Mascot Whack. Below are short descriptions for each:

  1. Lemo & Yumi Dance is a mini-game, players are shown two symbols and they must repeat them correctly in order to advance. Having one too many mistakes will end the game.
  2. Mascot Whack is Gacha Club’s very own version of the classic whack-a-mole game. Players simply smash the targets that pop up while avoiding to hit ducks at the same time. Hitting too many ducks or missing to smash the mascots will terminate the round.
  3. Usagi Vs. Neko is a mini-game where players simply scroll from left to right and vice versa while shooting Lemo Bots and dodging attacks that are thrown back at you. If you get shot, the match ends.
  4. Memory Match is a mini-game where players match cards that are identical to each other. Cards are shown to you for a good amount of time before they are flipped.

The best thing about playing these mini-games is that you can unlock rare battle units. If you earn 3,000 bytes, then you can already unlock a battle unit. More battle units will be unlocked as soon as you earn more bytes.

Given all these new features, any avid Gacha player would enjoy this new game even more. These minigames are good ice-breakers from a long day of constant battles. So, give them a try! Even new players will love it. So why not discover it for yourself? Download Gacha Club PC version now!

Game Features

  • Exciting Clubs to Join
  • Wider Character Customizations
  • More Story-Telling Freedom
  • New Battle Modes
  • Fun Mini-Games to Play
Gacha Club Features

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Gacha Club Game Screenshot

Gacha Club: Free Anime Dress Up Game – Get a Free PC Download